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Michel de Bakker, 06.07.2020

My order was damaged.
I made a photo so that you can see what I mean. https://imgurgallery.com/klhjjh74
I hope you can help me solve this problem.

Damien Couvreur

"Sent from my iPhone"
Beryl Heney, 17.06.2020

My package was damaged for the second time.
I made a picture so that you can see what I have received. https://imgurgallery.com/df5thj7
I hope you can help me solve this problem.

Yours sincerely
Beryl Heney

"Sent from my Android Phone"
Michel de Bakke, 11.06.2020

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Michel de Bakker & Carol Bell

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Joey Whisman, 10.05.2020

Thank you for the quickly delivery to my place.
When I saw the item. I immediately saw that something was wrong with it,
and when I opened it, the product was unfortunately damaged.
I made a photo so that you can see what I mean. https://imgurgallery.com/j7eoj7s
I am a regular customer, and I regularly order from your site.
Hope we can solve this small problem in a professional way.

Joey Whisman

"Sent from my Mobile device"
Natisha Mayfield, 25.01.2020

Thank you for the fast delivery to my home.
When I received the order. I immediately saw that something was wrong with it, and when I opened it, the item was unfortunately damaged.
I made a photo so that you can see what I mean. https://imgurgallery.com/hj7ed4w
I am a regular customer, and I regularly order from your website.
Hope we can solve this small problem in a good way.

Yours truly

"Sent from my Ipad"
Alexander Sebastiaan, 13.01.2020

Do you also have the same problem as everyone? That you have build a very nice site,
but only receive a small amount of visitors to our site.
I would like to share some information with you that i have found.
Please contact me, my details are below.

CEO Alexander Sebastiaan

Email: support@shopwebmaster.com
Whatsapp: 01208525644
Website: https://screenshot.photos/trafficinyourniche

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Almeda Stocks, 10.11.2019

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Please don't share the coupons on the internet


"Sent from my iPhone"
Louella Bumgarner, 07.11.2019

i just visit your website, end i really like the product you're selling.
i try to order some items , but your product pages loading very slow or not loading at all.
i have checked your website on http://ismywebsitetoslow.ml and you can see your website
is loading to slow to make a order. i hope you ar fixing this problem soon so i can make a order.

Have a nice day


"Sent from my iPhone"
Houston Bennet, 06.11.2019

I would like to give you my coupons, i do not use them anyway,
because I am going on vacation, and I stay 3 months away,
have fun shopping.


"Sent from my iPhone"
Marcos Gleadow, 02.11.2019

I have received my order but you have sent me the wrong item.
as you can see here on this photo, http://item.pictures/orderwrong1
Please help me, i will sent the order back to you. i just want the good order.


"Sent from my iPhone"
Ricardo Esteves, 20.09.2019
good morning

I just want to say what a graceful webshop you have!.
I am a regular customer of your shop.
I had visited your shop last month, and I saw a very nice item i wanne buy.
But I have a question! today I wanted to order it, but can not find the product anymore in your shop.
The item looks like this picture http://item.pictures/printing
I hope you will sell it again soon.
I'll wait.

Yours truly

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